Top Gun is flying high once again

Top Gun was the biggest movie of 1986, and it’s had an amazing the second life since then.

Top Gun 3D inches forward

Last year it was reported that Top Gun - the top film of 1986 - will be converted to 3D.

Top Gun 3D hits the afterburners

Recently, we reported that plans were underway to convert Top Gun to 3D. As many of you probably remember, Top Gun was the #1 film of 1986, and it’s remarkable how much nostalgia there is for the film today.

Top Gun behind the scenes

The film was about seven weeks away from principal photography, and Tom Cruise, by all accounts, was not happy with his character or the script in general.

Old movies to get 3D makeovers

Just as people are declaring 3D dead and hoping it finally goes away, what happens?