Humans made projectile weapons 71,000 years ago

The first modern humans may have evolved on the south coast of South Africa, where they were making and using stone weapons far earlier than previously believed.

Cockatoo seen making tools for first time

A captive cockatoo has been observed spontaneously making tools to get at food - the first time any type of parrot's been seen to do this.

Photos suggest fish are capable of using tools

Imagine diving in Austrlia's Great Barrier Reef only to see a fish...using a tool.

Sea urchins show how to make self-sharpening tools

Tools that sharpen themselves every time they're used could soon be available, following a discovery about the way sea urchins keep their teeth sharp.

Google upgrades search engine with refined UI

Google has upgraded its popular search engine with a refined user interface (UI)  that allows users to fully experience the "increasing richness" of the web.