Remotely operated aircraft successfully tested as tool for measuring changes in polar ice sheets

Scientists studying the behavior of the world's ice sheets--and the future implications of ice sheet behavior for global sea-level rise--may soon have a new airborne tool that will allow radar measurements that previously would have been prohibitively expensive or difficult to carry out with manned aircraft.

Iran claims it has fix for Flame malware

The Iranian government says it has a removal tool for the Flame malware targeting the country's oil industry, and says it will give it to any Iranian organization that's been affected.

Free tool reveals all about Facebook app privacy

For those bewildered by the privacy issues surrounding Facebook apps - and let's face it, who isn't? - there's a new FCC-endorsed service available to rate them.

Anonymous releases 'Twitter-jacking' tool

The Anonymous hacking collective has released a tool allowing people to hijack topics trending on Twitter and send tweets on any topic within them.

Two Australians dream of an iPhone bottle opener

You can do a lot of things with an iPhone, but you can’t use it to open a beer. Two heavy drinking Australians are working to change that. 

Google launches tool tracking cultural trends

Google and Harvard University have launched a searchable database of over five million books - about four percent of all books that have ever been printed.