Iron Man 3 is going 4DX in Japan

Fans of Marvel Comics all around the world are excitedly waiting for Iron Man 3 to hit theaters next month.

Latest Iron Man trailer (teaser) is here

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer has arrived, and Tony Stark's mansion is no more, courtesy of The Mandarin.

Iron Man 3 headed to IMAX 3D

Iron Man 3 is hitting theaters on May 3, and much like the last Batman movie, it looks like the story’s going to be much darker this time out.

Robert Downey JR gives Tony Stark a run for the money

We all know that in Hollywood that A-list movie stars make enough money to buy a small country, and if you're big enough to get gross points, or a generous back end deal, you can back the Brinks truck right up to the front door.

Iron Man's imminent return

The first Iron Man, directed by Jon Faverau, was a hell of a flick, one of the best comic adaptations in quite some time.