Mad Max Fury Road is Now a 2015 Contender

The reboot of Mad Max, Fury Road, hasn’t had an easy time heading back to the big screen. The film was supposed to have wrapped back in December 2012, but as we just reported here on TGD, it just had to go back for some recent reshoots. 

Tom Hardy Talks Mad Max: Fury Road

There’s been a new incarnation of Mad Max in the works for quite some time now, and while the original and the Road Warrior are both beloved to fans, there’s a new generation of people who have no idea who the character is. (Not to mention todays’ generation has no idea that Mel Gibson was actually cool at one point in time, but this was last century we’re talking about here…)

Ubisoft Plotting Their Big Move Into Movies

We at TGD have said it many times before, we’ll say it again: Video game movies suck. We’re hoping one day some brave filmmaker will reverse the trend, and the upcoming World of Warcraft movie certainly has promise, not to mention the Halo webisodes are pretty cool too. 

Splinter Cell movie marches forward

We recently ran a report on TG about the Hollywood adaptation of Splinter Cell, and with the gaming industry hot as a pistol right now, it looks like it’s time to strike with video game movies.

From Bane to Splinter Cell

The term "mega author" typically refers to a writer who makes millions off every book he or she writes.

Warner Bros. worries over a muffled Bane, Nolan doesn't

Audiences at the IMAX showings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol were recently treated to an extended prologue for Dark Knight Rises, which featured the first scene of the film.

Mad Max delayed again

After a rather extended rain delay, Mad Max will begin filming again in about 6 months. Well, maybe.