Cloud Atlas clip obfuscates the film

Warner Bros. recently posted a new clip teasing its upcoming fantasy epic.

Video: The complex threads of Cloud Atlas

Warner Bros. has posted a new trailer for its upcoming fantasy epic.

The fantasy worlds of Cloud Atlas

One can't help but get the impression that Cloud Atlas, which hits theaters on October 26, is not going to be an easy movie to take in all at once.

Cloud Atlas photos make an impact

A number of cast photos for the Wachowskis’ new fantasy epic, Cloud Atlas have tipped up online.

Dystopian Electric City debuts on July 17th

"Electric City," created by and starring Tom Hanks, is set to make its global debut July 17th on Yahoo Screen.

Tom Hanks working with Yahoo! on new animated series

One of the most famous personalities in Hollywood, Tom Hanks, is developing his own animated sci-fi show, Electric City. Hanks is co-producer on the show, as well as the director, and the voice of the lead character.