Top Gun behind the scenes

The film was about seven weeks away from principal photography, and Tom Cruise, by all accounts, was not happy with his character or the script in general.

Were South Park creators "investigated" by Scientologists?

The South Park episode Trapped in the Closet was hilarious, outrageous, in bad taste, and in my opinion, right on target about a number of things.

Tom Cruise may star in All You Need is Kill adaptation

We Are Mortals, the newly titled film adaptation of All You Need is Kill, is ready to start collecting names for a cast.

Top Gun is back in 3D

I must admit, Top Gun never really crossed my mind as a candidate to be redone in 3D, but next year the movie will return in all of its newfound 3D glory. 

Oblivion looks like it may become a reality

Disney has failed to go forward on the film project, and so Universal has picked it up, along with some star power.