Edge of Tomorrow: The Sci-Fi Groundhog Day?

We at TGD love time travel stories, and it’s always fascinating to think how you could alter your life, and the destinies of many others, if you go back in the past and start making changes. But what about a Groundhog Day style concept where you go over the past over and over again, but here it’s in the sci-fi mode?

Tom Cruise sci-fi epic, Edge of Tomorrow, has a trailer

Yes, this is Robo-Soldier meets Groundhog Day meets Emily-Blunt-is-worth-dying-for-under-any circumstance-over-and-over-again. We are willing to die for Emily and convert for Tom.

Oblivion videos chronicle the war between humans and aliens

Universal has posted two Oblivion clips depicting the war humans and their enigmatic alien invaders.

Video: Behind the dystopian scenes of Oblivion

Universal has posted a behind the scenes video teasing its upcoming sci-fi thriller Oblivion.

Post-apocalyptic Oblivion teaser makes an effective team

Universal Studios has posted a new video teasing its upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.

Top Gun is flying high once again

Top Gun was the biggest movie of 1986, and it’s had an amazing the second life since then.

Video: Oblivion - we are not alone

Universal Studios has released the first TV clip for its upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.

Kosinski explains the Oblivion trailer

The director of the sci-fi thriller Oblivion explains each element of the full-length trailer.

Top Gun 3D is ready for take off

The 3D conversion of Top Gun has been in the works for some time now.

Oblivion trailer maintains the ruins

Universal Studios has released the first trailer for its post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.

Dystopian Kill photos puts Cruise on the front lines

Warner Bros. has posted a number of photos from the set of its latest sci-fi adaptation.

Top Gun 3D inches forward

Last year it was reported that Top Gun - the top film of 1986 - will be converted to 3D.

Oblivion Synopsis repairs the drone

Universal Studios has released an official (updated) synopsis for its upcoming science fiction adventure.

All You Need is Kill is a go

Warner Bros. is ready to kick off production of its upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

New Van Helsing flick will be even darker

If you're a fan of Van Helsing, odds are you probably saw the Hugh Jackman film a few years ago.

Will Rock of the Ages go gold?

Having written extensively about the world of metal and hard rock, I've been watching the commercials for Rock of Ages with much bemusement.

Casting continues for Oblivion

It’s been more than nine months since Tom Cruise clinched the lead role for Oblivion/Horizons, but the rest of the casting seems like it is just starting to pick up.

Horizons is back on track

More than eight months ago, Tom Cruise was cast for the lead role in the tentatively titled sci-fi/adventure Horizons film.

The secret society of pick up artists

We've seen these guys on TV shows galore, and it's hard not to roll your eyes unless you're totally gullible and will believe just about anything.

Tom Cruise joins We are Mortals

Now that Cruise is finished with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it seems he wants to keep working, and interestingly enough, he’s lining up some great looking genre films.