Tom Clancy and Gaming

Tom Clancy was one of the “mega authors,” a handful of people who wrote major blockbuster best selling books that earned millions. Once Clancy’s work was adapted into major movies like The Hunt For Red October, and Clear and Present Danger, his name became a brand, like John Grisham and Stephen King. Clancy, who passed away on October 1, was also a force in the world of gaming. 

Ghost Recon Movie Moving Forward With Help From Michael Bay

Ubisoft is making a big effort to turn video game movies around. Comic book movies took a big turn for the better years back with X-Men, but video game movies still haven’t made a similar turn around.

Splinter Cell movie marches forward

We recently ran a report on TG about the Hollywood adaptation of Splinter Cell, and with the gaming industry hot as a pistol right now, it looks like it’s time to strike with video game movies.