Game of Thrones Doing Gangbuster Business on Video

Game of Thrones will be returning on April 6, and it’s apparently doing quite well with binge watchers. This makes sense because it’s one of those shows that pick up extra ratings when people watch it later on TiVo.

TiVo: can it compete with Netflix, the Cloud, and irrelevance?

The post-PC era can also be called the post-TV era, even though TVs are still pretty cool when they are over 60 inches and LED and wall-mounted and attached to a Surround Sound speaker system. Whatever post-thingy era it is, TiVo and it's overpriced hard drive boxes are an anachronism. 

5 reasons to beat the death drum for TiVo

It's 16 years old, showing its age, and facing competition from the cloud. The cloud! Television ain't what it used to be.

TiVo Mini launches for under $100

TiVo has rolled out an impressively small Mini set-top box.

From Amazon's Kindle to the TiVo

Shakespeare once asked what’s in a name, and while a name shouldn’t matter if an innovation is great, having a cool moniker certainly doesn’t hurt.

TiVo Premiere boasts 4 DVR tuners and 500 GB of storage

I've always thought one of the most important innovations in all of the modern tech world is the DVR.

New Tivo has a half-terabyte capacity

Tivo, the DVR company that refuses to die, is apparently unleashing another model.

DirecTiVo now available nationwide

Yep, Tivo is still around, folks.

AT&T to pay Tivo $200+ million in settlement

AT&T has agreed to pay Tivo a whopping sum of $215 million, at a time when it also has to clear up money to pay T-Mobile.

Tivo still around, now snazzier than ever

Yes, that little DVR company called Tivo is still around and kicking, and just announced a new version of  its easily recognizable set-top box.

Best Buy-branded TVs adopt Tivo interface

Best Buy's low-end Insignia TVs just got a Tivo makeover.

New Tivo app makes iPad a WiFi remote

As Tivo continues its climb to remain relevant in a world highly dominated by cable company DVRs, the company has just released a new iPad-specific app to be the perfect companion to anyone with a Tivo box.

Hulu Plus comes to Roku and Tivo

Hulu's premium subscription service, Hulu Plus, is to be made available on Roku and TiVo Premiere devices later this year.

Netgear touts hardcore ReadyNAS for digital media addicts

Netgear has debuted its ReadyNAS Ultra lineup of 2-Bay, 4-Bay and 6-Bay network storage systems for hardcore digital enthusiasts.

Still alive on its death bed, Tivo adds Web content interface

Just like the fat kid at school who used to be skinny and popular, Tivo is trying to remind people that it's still cool, by launching a new Web content interface.

Best Buy announces Tivo TV with no DVR functionality. What?

You can just picture it, can't you? Best Buy executives saying "let's build a TV with a Tivo interface, but strip away everything that most people associate with Tivo." Makes sense, doesn't it?

Is that an Intel chip in your Sony TV?

Sony is planning to unveil a new lineup of home entertainment devices that will be powered by Intel processors and Google-coded software.

Google acquires enigmatic hardware company

Google has reportedly acquired an engimatic San Jose-based startup staffed by former Apple and P.A. Semi employees.

New Tivo devices leaked

Two new Tivo models have shown up in Best Buy's inventory system, showing specs for one model that appear to indicate it will have a whopping one terabyte hard drive. The Premiere HD and Premiere XL HD Tivo set-tops will come out next month.