Intel resigns itself to a future without the letter "i"

Opinion In his departing notes to shareholders last night, Intel CEO Paul Otellini was remarkably upbeat about a boat that is increasingly beginning to resemble the now famous Itanic.

Don't mess with Sam Jackson

So we all know The Avengers is the greatest movie ever made, it's cured cancer, brought world peace and made three bazillion dollars at the box office.

At the dawn of Men in Black 3

It's been quite some time since the last Men in Black movie, in fact, it's been quite some time since the first Men in Black, which you may recall hit theaters the same year as Titanic, 1997. 

Titanic passenger records released online

With interest in the sinking of the Titanic reaching, well, titanic proportions, genealogy site has released thousands of records online relating to the passengers and crew.

Titanic hitting theaters in 4D?!

Titanic, the movie that made James Cameron king of the world, is back in theaters in 3D. 

James Cameron ocean dive will be turned into 3D movie

James Cameron has been one of the most championed directors of 3D film, and in his next creation he'll actually be the on-camera star as well.

Researchers build comprehensive map of Titanic debris field

I've always had a fascination with the Titanic and how such a massive ship, believed to be indestructible, came to sink on its maiden voyage.

Was Titanic sunk by rare lunar event?

Exceptionally high tides caused by a rare conjunction of celestial events could have placed the fateful iceberg in the Titanic's path.

James Cameron gives Hugo 3D the thumbs up

Hugo 3D - Martin Scorsese's latest film - has been getting rave reviews everywhere, with at least one reviewer predicting it will stand the ultimate test of time and become a classic.

Old movies to get 3D makeovers

Just as people are declaring 3D dead and hoping it finally goes away, what happens? 

Titanic 3D re-release will happen April 6

James Cameron's cinematic marvel about the sinking of the Titanic is coming back to theaters.

Is global warming a bigger threat than Skynet?

Well, hey now! Al "ManBearPig" Gore must be on vacation, because Avatar director James Cameron has taken it upon himself to warn humankind about the dangers of global warming.

New bacterium found dissolving the Titanic

The good news: scientists have discovered a completely new type of bacterium that could help with the disposal of old ships and oil rigs. The bad news: it's eating the Titanic.

Project will 'virtually raise' the Titanic with 3D map

A team is to make the most detailed survey ever of the Titanic, producing a 3D map of the ship.

James Cameron's Titanic goes 3D

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, and to line James Cameron's unendingly deep pockets with even more gold, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio will be getting the royal 3D treatment.

Women and children first? Not if the men are in a hurry

It takes time to get yourself into a self-sacrificing frame of mind, according to research into the sinking of the Titanic and the Lusitania.