The clues and masts of The Adventures of Tintin

This adaptation of the classic comic book hits all the right markers, as the overture of the film captures the spirit and sorry of the original comic perfectly.

The disguises of The Adventures of Tintin: Season One

With the new Adventures of Tintin film being released soon in the States, Shout! Factory has released a new collection of the classic Tintin cartoon serial. The first season is out now.

Is Tintin a niche film?

Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for The Adventures of Tintin, an upcoming fantasy adventure film.

Spielberg and Jackson wow Comic-Con

Steven Spielberg made his Comic-Con debut today when he arrived at the uber-geek fest in San Diego to promote his upcoming animated Tintin film and accept the coveted Inkpot Award.

Awesome new Tintin trailer is here

So far, all we’ve gotten about the new Tintin film is some posters and a long teaser, which was notable mostly for hiding Tintin’s face until the big reveal at the end.