Man controls Times Square screen with iPhone - for real

Just a week ago, a hoax video was doing the rounds purporting to show the hacking of a Times Square advertising screen using an iPhone as a remote control. But now a Canadian man claims to have done it for real.

Times Square countdown app lets you party in NYC on NYE

If tuning into Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest for the New Year's Eve countdown just isn't enough to ramp your excitement for the New Year, there is a new high tech solution to help you countdown: the Times Square New Year's Eve app.

Creepy anti-Google ad screened in Times Square

Consumer Watchdog has stepped up its campaign against Google, taking out a massive ad in Times Square to mock CEO Eric Schmidt.

Prepaid cellphones are dangerous weapons, say senators

The Times Square car bomber was aided in his attempt by the fact that he was wearing shoes, leading to a call from two US senators to make people register before buying footwear.