Video: Tracking Comet ISON’s dangerous journey

A comet’s journey through the solar system is perilous and violent. A giant ejection of solar material from the sun could rip its tail off. Before it reaches Mars - at some 230 million miles away from the sun - the radiation of the sun begins to boil its water, the first step toward breaking apart.

Facebook denies revealing private messages

Facebook has denied reports that users' private messages from several years ago have been appearing on their public timeline.

Facebook to launch Timeline for brands

When Facebook rolled out Timeline to its users around the world, some embraced the change, but many complained.

Almost nobody wants Facebook Timeline

Only one in twelve Facebook users is in favor of the company's Timeline feature, shortly to become compulsory for all.

Facebook Timeline exposes your entire social identity

Facebook has just launched a new tool that aims to present a clearer and more complete picture of someone based on their years of social activity.

Facebook wants to revamp social networking

As expected, Facebook made some rather sweeping changes and additions to its popular social network today at the company's F8 conference in San Francisco.