Cable companies working on cloud gaming

If game consoles want to take on cable companies, then cable companies want to take on game consoles.

Time Warner Cable expands broadband data caps

Time Warner Cable is expanding its tests of tiered broadband data service.

NimbleTV aims for ambitious "TV anywhere" streaming

Is it crazy for a new startup to enter the competitive space dominated by Netflix and cable companies?

Time Warner Cable numbers prove paradigm shift

We're in the midst of a huge shake-up in the way consumers get their TV content, and there's no better example of that than Time Warner Cable's recent earnings report.

Viacom settles iPad-related Cablevision lawsuit

The legal dispute between Viacom and Cablevision has been resolved, and the big winner is the end user.

Pr0n surfers saved by West Virginia judge

Imagine having your pr0n surfing habits publicly outed by a federal judge. Well, to the shock and horror of nearly 5,400 people, that nightmare almost became a reality.

Xbox 360 wants to double as a cable box

Your Xbox 360 can already play movies, TV shows, games, music, and other online content, but now Microsoft is looking to take it a step further.

New video platform speeds cable TV improvements

A startup backed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cisco has launched softare aimed at helping cable and satellite companies add search and social networking features to their services.