Time Warner exec says you don't want gigabit internet

Time Warner Cable chief technology officer Irene Esteves has claimed that ordinary consumers don't want super-fast internet speeds.

Apple TV may soon get HBO Go

HBO's streaming app, HBO Go, could be coming to the Apple TV set-top box by this summer.

Time Warner Cable expands broadband data caps

Time Warner Cable is expanding its tests of tiered broadband data service.

Cable firms promise free Wifi roaming

Five cable companies have teamed up to open their Wifi networks to each other's subscribers.

Time Warner Cable numbers prove paradigm shift

We're in the midst of a huge shake-up in the way consumers get their TV content, and there's no better example of that than Time Warner Cable's recent earnings report.

Time Warner to offer Slingboxes to cable customers

Time Warner Cable and Sling Media, two companies that have faced struggles in the digital media explosion, have comed together in a first-of-its-kind partnership.

HBO Go may come to PS3, Xbox 360, more

You  may very well soon be able to watch HBO from your TV. What a crazy thought.

Time Warner and Viacom take iPad dispute to court

Time Warner and Viacom have upped the stakes in their battle over whether Viacom's programming should be available on the iPad.

Viacom pressures Time Warner to remove MTV from iPad app

We all know that MTV has gone steadily downhill over the years, selling out as crassly as say, oh, Metallica.

Sony eyes Hulu content for PS3 consoles

Sony is reportedly close to clinching an agreement with Hulu for a paid TV service that would stream content to its flagship Playstation 3 (PS3) console.

Hollywood snubs Steve Jobs, refuses to abandon Flash

A number of Hollywood heavyweights - including Time Warner and NBC - have snubbed Steve Jobs and his "magical" iPad by adamantly refusing to abandon Flash.

NYC gets free Wi-Fi: Elitism rules!

New York is getting free Wi-Fi courtesy of Time Warner and Comcast. Sarah Palin to blow up Internets on Fox News special.