New Apple iPhone to debut on October 4

Apple has sent out official invites for an October 4th event in Cupertino under the tagline of "Let's talk iPhone."

New iPhone reveal may be more subdued

When Apple finally unveils the latest iPhone model, there may be less glitz and glamor than fans of the company have come to expect.

Tim Cook to be Apple CEO until 2021

This is for all of you who thought Tim Cook might only be an interim replacement for Steve Jobs.

Apple and the post-Steve Jobs roundup

When Steve Jobs announced he was stepping down as the CEO of Apple, the industry's immediate reaction was one of genuine sadness mixed with speculation and concern about the company's future.

Can Apple change the way we watch TV?

Apple is reportedly working on new technology to deliver video to televisions.

Steve Jobs resigns, Tim Cook is new Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple's Chief Executive Officer. Tim Cook, previously Cupertino's Chief Operating Officer, is Apple's new CEO. 

Report: Apple bans Best Buy from selling iPad

Apparently Apple isn't too happy about a reportedly deceptive iPad 2 sales tactic at Best Buy.

Apple appoints quality control guru

Steve Jobs has knighted a new Senior VP of Operations to ensure that all shiny Apple products meet "the highest standards of quality."

Steve Jobs plans "big, bold" risks with $25 billion Apple war chest

Steve Jobs has reportedly told company shareholders that Apple's $25 billion cash war chest will allow the corporation to take "big, bold" risks in the future.