Apple avoids paying a heap of tax

Apple is going to explain to the US government how it managed to keep billions of dollars in profits in Irish subsidiaries to pay little or no taxes to any government.

Oracle's Ellison earns $3 a second

The CEO of Oracle, dashing Larry Ellison, earned $96.4 million last year and it’s hard to figure out how he can make ends meet.

Bug messes up Apple iMessaging

Software geniuses at Apple have come up with a super new innovative feature which will make sure that its iMessaging service will be a game changer.

Apple's revenues unlikely to surge

Opinion Tomorrow Apple is going to announce its results and it is starting to look like there will be few who will be cheering.

Apple shares lose their sparkle

Apple shares briefly dipped below $400 on Wednesday, hitting their lowest level since December 2011. Apple closed at $402.80, down 5.5 percent, after one of its key suppliers issued a disappointing forecast. 

Apple in row over censorship again

Just after Apple CEO Tim Cook apologised to China for selling customers short on their warranties, it has emerged that Cupertino has had to remove books banned by the country's government from the iTunes store.

Apple owns up to gouging Chinese

After an internet campaign by Apple fanboys protesting its innocence, Cupertino has finally confessed to cheating its Chinese customers.

Apple "has lost its vision"

Former Microsoft chief operating officer Bob Herbold thinks Apple might be losing its vision. Now that Steve Jobs is gone, so is the magic, apparently.

Apple alleged to fail its Chinese customers

Apple has managed to avoid boiling in hot water in China after moves to promote a show exposing the way it discriminated against Chinese customers were marred by a Twitter promotion for the show. The state run CCTV chanel ran its annual outing of corporate malpractice in a highly influential show watched by millions of Chinese people.

Apple gifts money to shareholders

Apple is trying to boost its share price by increasing its dividends to shareholders by 50 percent. The move will mean that shareholders will collect $15.7 billion of Apple's cash mountain.

Tim Cook's pay packet shrinks by 99 percent

Times are hard for all of us it seems: even Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking a pay cut - and it's a biggie.

Is Microsoft's Surface tablet "compromised?"

Apple chief Tim Cook may not have personally given Microsoft's Surface tablet a test run, but the CEO had absolutely no problem with highlighting reviews that describe the device as "compromised" and "confusing."

The iPhone 5 hits 5 million sales

Here's a shocker - the iPhone 5 is a bona fide hit.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is here

Apple officially launched its long-awaited iPhone 5 this morning at an event in San Francisco, California. 

Will Apple decline in a post Steve Jobs era?

Despite Apple's rather impressive success in recent years, one prominent industry analyst believes the company will inevitably decline in a post Steve Jobs world.

Tim Cook rumored to be seen at Valve offices

The man at the top of Apple is reportedly meeting with people at game company Valve.

Anticipating the 4th-gen iPad

When Apple stops iterating a particular product - like the the company did with the original iPod - it typically means Cupertino intends to extend and expand future device lineups.

The New iPad: Apple lowers the bar

Truthfully, Tim Cook reminded me a lot of John Scully when he was on stage announcing Apple's "New" iPad earlier this week. 

Steve Jobs is not "Person of the Year"

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has lost out on being named "Person of the Year," as Time Magazine awards its coveted title to "The Protestor" in the wake of demonstrations sweeping through the Middle East, US and Europe.

Steve Jobs passes away at 56

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56.