Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter featurette invokes The Bat

20th Century Fox has released a new featurette for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, an adaption based on the popular book penned by Seth Grahme-Smith.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter behind the scenes

It’s funny how things wind up in the zeitgeist and we end up with a bunch of gladiator movies, two asteroid films, two werewolf flicks, etc.

The original Barnabas Collins is gone

Although opinion is mixed on the trailer, I'm as curious as anyone else to see the big screen version of Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton.

Development begins on Night of the Living

Famed director Tim Burton and Seth Grahme-Smith are slated to team up on a stop-motion monster film.

Dark Shadows spots call the horses around

Warner Bros. recently released three television spots for its upcoming vampire comedy Dark Shadows.

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows trailer is here

With Tim Burton taking on Dark Shadows, it seems like an inspired match, and it's also nice that today's generation is going to get some old school vampires in the age of Twilight. 

Frankenweenie trailer comes to life

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first trailer for its upcoming stop-motion family film, Frankenweenie, the most recent project of famous macabre-light director Tim Burton.

A look back at TV Batman

When the 1989 big screen version of Batman came out, it was immediately clear the film was a very different take on the caped crusader.

A look back at Dark Shadows

The big screen version of Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton, is hitting theaters on May 11. The former show is a fond memory for many who grew up in the 60's, and made watching it their afternoon ritual. 

The B-side of Tim Burton

Tim Burton drew inspiration from the British Hammer horror films, which were once considered trash by high English society and now rank as classics.

Tim Burton talks Dark Shadows and Beetlejuice

With Tim Burton's Dark Shadows coming to theaters on May 11, there's more pictures from the film out there on the 'Net, especially images of Johnny Depp dressed as the vampire Barnabas Collins.

Wahlberg blames Planet of the Apes failure on Fox

Macabre director Tim Burton surprised everyone in 2001 when he made a less than stellar film.

Burton may direct Geppetto film

Warner Bros. reportedly has a script in hand for a new adaptation of the Pinocchio story, which will likely be targeted at mature audiences this time around.

The fall and rise of Planet of the Apes

As a big fan of the original Planet of the Apes, of course I was skeptical before Rise of the Planet of the Apes came out. 

On Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

As a big lover of retro TV, Dark Shadows is a huge favorite of mine, as is Kolchak the Night Stalker, two great horror shows from the sixties and seventies that were created by the late producer Dan Curtis.

Did Dick Tracy get a bum rap?

Dick Tracy, Warren Beatty’s big screen adaptation of the classic comic strip, was considered a disappointment when it came out on June 15, 1990, especially in the wake of the mega success of Tim Burton’s Batman.

Johnny Depp rocking out with Alice Cooper and Keith

We recently ran a piece about Dark Shadows, the big screen version of the classic horror soap opera directed by none other than Tim Burton.

Beetlejuice 2 is back off the shelf

Beetlejuice 2 has been stuck in development hell since the initial success of the first film twenty-two years ago. Not a record for development delays, but certainly somewhere near the top of the list.

On sci-fi and Tim Burton

Many years ago, Martin Scorsese created A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, a lengthy documentary and companion book that went through many of his favorite films and filmmakers. 

Tim Burton has learned not to do 3D

After his last creation, Alice in Wonderland, totally ripped people off, Tim Burton will not pursue 3D with his next flick.