A look back at Thundercats

I was a little late to the ThunderCats-Transformers phenomenon, and so was recently surprised to learn that Thundercats was developed by Rankin Bass.

On the eve of Avatar

One of my favorite parts of the writing process is research, and it's great fun to go back to old press reports to see if stories were on target about movies, or if they were ridiculously off base.

The crystals of Thundercats

Around the mid-season mark, Thundercats had basically fallen apart for me. The clever mythology and dynamic characters introduced in the pilot were lost in the mundaneity of the individual 20 minute episodes.

The children of Thundercats

Thundercats is just a few episodes in, but the show is likely losing most of its adult audience. It’s a great shame because the new series started out so well.

Blade and Mana: The Sword of Omens

For as long as there have been warriors in our stories, there were magical weapons for them to wield, and the sword is the most typical of these.

The paws of ThunderCats

The new ThunderCats adaptation premiered this past weekend on the Cartoon Network. It’s taken the story of the original ThunderCats and modernized it with some changes.

Thundercats are on the loose!

Warner Bros. has confirmed that its new reboot of Thundercats will be hitting the Cartoon Network this summer.

Kevin Smith tells all at Macworld 2010

Kevin Smith has predicted that Apple's iPad will inevitably be used as an impromptu murder weapon in a future movie.