Intel Thunderbolt is on the road to nowhere

Intel has been showing off its next-generation Thunderbolt technology which boasts double the speed and backward compatibility of the earlier versions. The technology does look good on paper and the fact that it is going under the bonnet of Apple machines means that it is guaranteed a lot of excited free publicity from the Apple frenzied press.

Apple and Intel put the nails in Thunderbolt's coffin

It is starting to look like Intel's and Apple's plan to kill off firewire and USB with Thunderbolt is grinding into a Titanic iceberg.

What happened to Thunderbolt's ICS update?

Verizon's flagship 4G LTE smartphone still hasn't been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thunderbolt gets Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

The process of getting Android 4.0 on Verizon's Thunderbolt is edging ever closer.

HTC confirms Thunderbolt ICS update soon

HTC is promising Thunderbolt owners that it hasn't forgotten about them.

Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich rollout begins

The very first 4G LTE phone to hit the market is now getting its update to Android 4.0.

Report: New iMacs are on the way

Apple is reportedly preparing to refresh its popular iMac lineup during the summer of 2012. 

Western Digital goes Thunderbolt with external Mac drive

Frankly, I'm not a huge Mac fan. Yes, I once owned a MacBook, but er, I actually ran Windows on it.

Intel's Thunderbolt to hit PCs in mid-2012

Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol will reportedly hit PCs in mid-2012, as Santa Clara plans to "fully release" the high-speed I/O in April.

Will the real Thunderbolt please stand up?

Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol will likely remain copper-based - rather than fiber optic-powered - for the foreseeable future.

Apple eyes USB 3.0 for next-gen Macs

Apple is reportedly considering the independent implementation of USB 3.0 alongside Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol in next-gen Macs.

Windows PC sales stagnate as Apple makes gains

The Windows-based PC market may be relatively stagnant, but Apple is poised to make significant gains during the second half of 2011.

Verizon manipulates 4G users into more expensive plan

Verizon manipulated the way it handled its flagship 4G phone so that anyone who wanted to use the mobile hotspot feature would be suckered into the new data structure.

Verizon ends Thunderbolt's free 4G mobile hotspot

Verizon is putting an end to its promotional offer of letting Thunderbolt owners tether their 4G data connection for free.

HP chooses USB 3.0 over "fancy" Thunderbolt

Hewlett Packard (HP) has selected USB 3.0 as the standard transfer protocol for its next-gen lineup of desktop PCs.

Apple rolls out new iMac lineup

Apple has refreshed its iMac lineup with Intel quad-core (i5/i7) processors, advanced AMD graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera.

Updated: Verizon 4G service suspended since yesterday

Customers with an HTC Thunderbolt phone or 4G modem have been without data service for 24 hours.

Amazon lets you get a Verizon Thunderbolt for $130

Limited-time sale makes 4G LTE more affordable than ever.

Report: Thunderbolt could threaten USB 3.0 adoption

Apple’s decision to include Intel’s Thunderbolt transfer protocol in its current MacBook lineup is likely to have a major impact on the future of USB 3.0.

Intel: Thunderbolt will co-exist with USB 3.0

A high-ranking Intel executive has confirmed that the recently launched Thunderbolt (formerly known as Light Peak) transfer protocol will peacefully co-exist alongside USB 3.0.