The growing threat of space debris

The continuing growth of space debris poses an increasing threat to satellites and space shuttles.

US internet bank heist is real threat, says McAfee

Project Blitzkrieg - a hacking attack against US bank customers threatened for early next year - is a genuine danger, according to security researchers at McAfee.

Google hits out at YouTube MP3 conversion site

Google is threatening to sue a major site that allows users to rip YouTube videos and record them as MP3 files.

Anti-climate science group threatens mass lawsuits

A libertarian thinktank devoted to rubbishing climate change is threatening to sue anybody commenting on certain leaked documents - even where the papers are genuine, it says.

RIAA threatens ICANN over domain names

The Recording Industry Association of America has turned its sights on ICANN, the body responsible for managing domain names.

Twitter joke lands man with £1,000 fine

A British man has been fined £1,000 for sending a tweet in which he joked about blowing up an airport.

Qubes OS - virtualizing away software threats

Joanna Rutkowska has made a name for herself in the software community as a security researcher. Now, she wants to change the way we run apps to isolate threats to our system's security.