The evolution of Marvel and DC

The major publishers of super hero comic books are clearly going through some steep transitions. There are ups and downs, and neither DC or Marvel is immune to woes.

Avengers 2 will anchor a second ‘wave’ of Marvel films

The cast and crew of the upcoming ensemble superhero film The Avengers met up for a panel at New York Comic-Con this weekend.

Geeks just can't get enough Blu-ray

It seems as if hardcore sci-fi geeks just can't get enough of their favorite films on Blu-ray.

The Avengers trailer is here

Marvel and Paramount Pictures have released the first official trailer for their upcoming ensemble superhero film, The Avengers.

Rumor: Marvel chooses director for Thor 2

If Thor 2 is going to stay on track for its post Avengers release, the project will need a director ASAP.

The speeches of Thor & Loki

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers is a five episode mini-series adaptation of the graphic novel Loki.

Loki and Thor are here to stay

Tom Hiddleston plays Loki in the Marvel Film universe. The character was the primary antagonist of this year’s Thor, and we already know that he will play a big part in the upcoming Avengers film.

Marvel sets up comic tie-in for The Avengers

In an almost surreal turn, Marvel has confirmed it will be releasing Road to the Avengers - a comicbook based on the Marvel Film Universe canon - this spring.

Photos from Avengers set may contain spoilers

A number of photos from the set of the upcoming Avengers film have surfaced online. They purportedly show a crashed spacecraft, with a mo-cap actor strewn across the wreckage.

The secret to Stan Lee's success

With the recent box office success of Thor, its is clear that Stan Lee's comics and movies are still going strong. 

Review: The falling stars and hammers of Thor

We were never quite sure of what to think about Thor leading up to its release, but now we know: it’ll be a classic.

Marvel reveals plans for post-Avengers Avengers

It’s well known at this point that all of the current Marvel film properties are building up to the Avenger’s film next spring. What may be surprising is how much is planned for afterward.

Thor clip, TV spots revealed at WonderCon

This weekend at WonderCon, Marvel showcased two TV spots for Thor, which give us a bit more action.

Marvel is in fact interested in 3D movies

Although Marvel's film studios specifically decided not to incorporate 3D into Iron Man 2, they will step into the big cinema craze with future productions.

Marvel brings comics to the iPad

Marvel Entertainment has launched an app for the iPad that offers easy access to over 500 comic books, including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor.