Thor is Still on Top, and Gravity's Pulled in $500 Million

Love it or hate it, comic book movies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the explosion of The Avengers last summer has only made the genre stronger. Thor: The Dark World didn’t get the greatest reviews in the world, but because he’s part of the Avengers team, he’s still coming out on top against all comers.

Thor: The Dark World Has Already Made $109 Million Overseas

With the upcoming superhero movies that Marvel has in store, it’s really a whole new ball game, thanks to The Avengers. After The Avengers came out and made three gazillion dollars, many of the upcoming Marvel films, including Thor: The Dark World, and Guardians of the Galaxy, are being looked at as offshoots of that incredible superhero team-up. 

Thor: The Dark World Reviews Are In

Thor may not be the most popular Marvel character, but as part of the Avengers ensemble he should do very well when his next movie, Thor: The Dark World, is unleashed on November 8. Now the reviews are in, and the verdict is…

Thor: The Dark World On Track For a Big Opening

The next installment in Thor, Thor: the Dark World, should end up doing very well considering he’s part of the Avengers team. While fans are salivating for Avengers 2, which is due in 2015, they had Iron Man 3 this summer to keep them satisfied for a while, and Thor should also help bridge the gap nicely as well. 

Inside Thor: The Dark World

Alan Taylor, the director of Thor: the Dark World, is also well known for directing a lot of great TV, like Mad Men, The Sopranos, West Wing, Law & Order, and Game of Thrones. Directing the next Thor film could be a major coup for Taylor, because the Norseman superhero is part of the Avengers, and fans should flock to see it, much like being a part of the Avengers boosted Iron Man’s grosses.   

How Joss Whedon Saved the Day with Thor: The Dark World

When you’re a big time script doctor, it’s your job to come in and save the day when a movie’s in trouble. Only the top screenwriters in Hollywood get the chance to save a movie, and make $100 – 200,000 a week in doing so.  

Thor: The Dark World set-videos deliver the hammer blow

New footage from the set of the new Thor film recently hit the 'Net, courtesy of some good old fashioned set espionage.

Thor: The Dark World plot revealed

Marvel Studios has finally published the long-form synopsis for its upcoming super hero sequel.

Thor: The Dark World begins filming; Doctor Who alum cast as villain

Primary photography recently kicked off on the super hero sequel, with the casting for the primary villain revealed to the masses.