Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Avengers 2 News

The Marvel juggernaut should keep growing strong for at least another two years or so, and this year we’ve got The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as Avengers Age of Ultron coming in 2015.

Thor: The Dark World Reviews Are In

Thor may not be the most popular Marvel character, but as part of the Avengers ensemble he should do very well when his next movie, Thor: The Dark World, is unleashed on November 8. Now the reviews are in, and the verdict is…

Thor: The Dark World On Track For a Big Opening

The next installment in Thor, Thor: the Dark World, should end up doing very well considering he’s part of the Avengers team. While fans are salivating for Avengers 2, which is due in 2015, they had Iron Man 3 this summer to keep them satisfied for a while, and Thor should also help bridge the gap nicely as well. 

Inside Thor: The Dark World

Alan Taylor, the director of Thor: the Dark World, is also well known for directing a lot of great TV, like Mad Men, The Sopranos, West Wing, Law & Order, and Game of Thrones. Directing the next Thor film could be a major coup for Taylor, because the Norseman superhero is part of the Avengers, and fans should flock to see it, much like being a part of the Avengers boosted Iron Man’s grosses.   

Awesome Thor: The Dark World trailer available now

Why are you wasting time on this teaser? Go see the damn trailer!

Marvel Making Short Superhero Stories

Some years back, a well known Hollywood screenwriter told me that when the next big revolution in storytelling happens, it won’t be on the big screen, but it will probably something smaller that we’ll see on YouTube or some place like this. While webisodes may not have sparked a huge revolution in Hollywood, it’s much easier to tell a big story 5 to 15 minutes at a time, much like the Halo web series that has a big YouTube following. 

What's inside Marvel's Phase One box?

Marvel's Phase One box set is redesigned and on its way.

Hugo Weaving doesn't want to reprise Captain America role

It turns out that the popular actor doesn't much care about his roles in science fiction and fantasy films.

Thor: The Dark World plot revealed

Marvel Studios has finally published the long-form synopsis for its upcoming super hero sequel.

Marvel NOW! Thor gets detailed

Thor scribe Jason Aaron has revealed a number of pertinent details about the upcoming line.

Thor: The Dark World begins filming; Doctor Who alum cast as villain

Primary photography recently kicked off on the super hero sequel, with the casting for the primary villain revealed to the masses.

Avengers Blu-ray set is ready to wow

Marvel has released a set of promotional images showcasing the upcoming release of its Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled 10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector’s Set.

Dallas leaves Thor for Once

One of the most visible supporting roles in the Thor franchise won’t be able to join the cast of the second movie due to a previous contract.

Avengers featurette builds the team

Marvel has released an origin-oriented featurette that depicts how the upcoming Avengers film became a reality.

Red Skull in The Avengers? I don’t think so.

There is a rumor currently going around that Red Skull may be the secondary villain of The Avengers film. Interestingly enough, it all seems to have started with a press release from a toy company. 

New Avengers trailer hits the 'Net

Marvel Studios has released its Russian-language trailer for The Avengers. The new clip features a number of different scenes that help expand the world depicted in the original English-language trailer.

The most pirated movies of 2011

What were the top 10 pirated movies of 2011?

Game of Thrones helmer to take on next Thor film

Marvel has chosen Alan Taylor, one of the co-directors for the hit television fantasy series Game of Thrones, to helm its upcoming Thor 2 film.

No romance for The Avengers

Romantic sub-plots are a staple of super hero films. Yet, they will be conspicuously absent in Joss Whedon's Avengers.

Thor 2 loses a director

Director Patty Jenkins has reportedly walked away from Thor 2 citing creative differences. However, Jenkins insists she left on good terms.