Sony opens casting call for The Tester 3

Wannabe game testers, get your cell phone camcorders ready because Sony is casting for a new season of The Tester.

Did Sony plant a fake contestant into "The Tester"?

After yesterday's episode of the PlayStation Network reality series The Tester, rumblings are beginning to surface that the big, obnoxious, drama-inducing contestant Big Fazeek wasn't who he appeared to be. NOTE: Spoiler Alert

Playstation hires new game tester from reality show

The very first reality show that aired exclusively through Playstation's digital distribution network came to a close tonight, with the biggest fanfare ever awarded to an entry-level video game grunt. [SPOILER ALERT]

Indie game developers push for reality TV show

Three independent game development studios are currently pitching around an idea for a new reality show - one that would put cameras inside the development process of a game from start to finish.