Arnold Talks Terminator Genesis

Whether you love the Terminator series, or are tired of it, another Terminator’s on the way, and Arnold will be back. Terminator: Genesis is currently up for a summer 2015 release, and the star himself confirmed the movie will be shooting in New Orleans next month. 

Avatar is Heading to New Zealand

No, this isn’t a trip sponsored by Oprah, this is where the sequels for the biggest movie of all time will get made. James Cameron’s definitely going to have his hands full for the rest of the decade with three new Avatar films, and they will be made in Middle Earth’s backyard. 

The Terminator Will Be Heading Back to TV

Okay, so you know by now we’re getting another Terminator movie in the summer of 2015, and casting is rcoming together right now. Now reports have come in that The Terminator will be back on television as well.

Will the Next Terminator Be a Prequel?

We’re not nuts about the prospect of a new Terminator movie here at TGD. Without James Cameron at the helm, the franchise is just not going to be up to its previous standards. And if Schwarzenegger comes back, who wants to see a Terminator pushing 70?  

From Terminator to Toxic Avenger

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career has seen better days, but the guy’s now a senior citizen, what did we expect? A decade ago when he realized his days as an action star were numbered, he reinvented himself as a politician, and let’s face it, if you’re still trying to be an action hero stud in your sixties, it can be embarrassing.

The integrity of The Terminator

The Terminator hit Blu-ray last month, and fans have been raving at how good the transfer looks.

Will Arnold be back for Terminator 5?

Like many genre fans, I loved Terminator when I first saw it in 1984 and really enjoyed Terminator 2 on opening weekend.

TG's top sci-fi picks

When listing your favorite genre flicks, sci-fi and horror practically go hand in hand.