The Strain is Coming

Guillermo Del Toro will soon be filming his next movie, a ghost story called Crimson Peak, and there’s still hope he’ll make a sequel to Pacific Rim one of these days. He also has the FX series The Strain coming this July. 

Guillermo Del Toro's Vampire Series The Strain Is a Go

It had been four years since Guillermo Del Toro made Hellboy II: The Golden Army, but he finally came back to the big screen this summer with Pacific Rim. Del Toro’s already got another movie he’ll be shooting next year, Crimson Peak, which is a ghost story, and his long in the works vampire series, The Strain, just got the green light from the FX network. 

Guillermo Del Toro Bringing Terror Back to TV With The Strain

As a long time horror fan, I’m excited to see the genre returning to television. And with the millions of projects Guillermo Del Toro has his hands in, he’s also got his own terror series coming to FX, The Strain.