Stephen King’s It is up for a reboot

Lord of the Rings proved Hollywood can deliver an epic story in several parts with loyal fans coming back every year.

From horror to dystopian sci-fi

Stephen King is quite picky about how his work is adapted. If you want to make a movie out of one of his stories that's fine, but if he doesn't like the end result, you can't use his name to promote it.

Some thoughts on Twilight Zone & The Stand

Matt Reeves, best known as the director of Cloverfield and Let Me In, has been chosen to helm the upcoming Twilight Zone movie.

Will Ben Affleck ruin The Stand?

Warner Bros. has reportedly chosen Ben Affleck to direct the feature-length film adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand.

Those old VHS memories

It's easy to have a lot of fun thinking back to the early days of home video. Even though I couldn't afford tons of movies I still rented and copied films off TV like crazy.

Can Contagion help The Stand?

Good buzz has been building for Steve Soderberg’s new movie Contagion, and it proves Soderberg can handle a wide variety of stories well as a filmmaker.

From Harry Potter to The Stand

Although The Dark Tower was ultimately turned down by Universal, it seems as if the key screenwriter and director behind the Harry Potter movies are planning to make The Stand their next big film - with a little help from Warner Bros.

The original vision for Dune

As we recently reported with the troubled big screen adaptation of The Dark Tower, as well as plans to turn The Stand into a feature trilogy, there have been a number of epic books that have proven problematic to adapt into films. 

Stephen King still digs Metal

In Stephen King's On Writing, the best selling author talked about how important it is to create an environment where creativity can thrive, and that meant pushing out the outside world.

The Stand - coming soon to a theater near you?

Right on the heels of a report about a three part theatrical version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower comes news that there could also be a several episode movie version of King’s epic 1978 novel The Stand in the works.

No need for another Stand

You may have heard the rumor: Steven King’s The Stand is being made into a feature length film. This is a mistake. The Stand is not only Steven King’s worst book. It is one of the worst stories ever composed. It already exists as a 6-hour miniseries, and that’s torture enough.