Theres no looking back for Facebook after 10 years

While any new technology or website phenomenon will always have its share of critics and haters, I enjoy Facebook a great deal. I get a lot of news from it first, it’s a great way to find people and stay in touch, and I’ve also had emotional times when looking somebody up will take me back into the past. (It’s quite a trip to look somebody up on Facebook, and realize how far you and that person have come since then.)

Unplugging: Trent Reznor up for second Golden Globe

While you’re unwrapping gifts this Christmas, you may just find a few unexpected musical treasures in your stocking. Happy Holidays from MXDWN and TD Daily!

Facebook plaintiffs unhappy with $65 million settlement

They did little more than just plant the idea for a social network into Mark Zuckerberg's head, but the Winklevoss twins say they deserve a lot more than a measly $65 million payout.

Mark Zuckerberg makes a cameo on The Simpsons

As he continues to try to create a positive image for himself, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on an episode of The Simpsons in a minute-long cameo.

The Social Network teaser online

 David Fincher, the guy behind Se7en, Fight Club and Alien 3, is making a movie about Facebook. We can see the darkness of the theme, but how about decapitations?

Film portrays Facebook founder as 'borderline-autistic conniver'

Oh dear, oh dear. Just 18 months ago Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was one of Forbes' top ten billionaire bachelors; now, according to a new film, he's a mean-minded, nerdy sex maniac.