The next big sci-fi series?

Horror is difficult to do well on TV. Many horror shows have been canceled, including this year's The River, despite relatively positive reviews.

ABC axes The River

A horror TV show is quite difficult to keep on the air, unless you can present it with a radically different twist. 

Is Netflix embracing the horror business?

The future of movies is of course going to be heavily streamed, and many predict this is where the next big game changer is going to come from, not from your local theater or on regular television, but on the small screen.

From Paranormal Activity to The River

Having seen a trailer for The River with a lot of "scary" footage, and reading some early positive reviews for the pilot, I have a lot of hope for the series.

The monsters and dolls of The River

The River premiered this past Tuesday on ABC with a two-part opening episode.

New trailer for The River gets pulled underground

ABC has released a long form trailer for tonight’s pilot episode of The River.

Is The River the next Lost?

You must have seen it by now, a mysterious eye peering out at you in the dark through green leaves.

The River trailer and synopsis go live

ABC has finally dished up some information on its upcoming new series dubbed The River.