The Rise of Superhero Fan Films

Making a short film on your favorite comic book is a pretty cool new phenomenon. You do it as a fan, with the disclaimer that it’s strictly a fan thing and not meant to profit off the series. Then you post it on YouTube, and see who salutes it. Max Landis, the writer of Chronicle, did a funny Death of Superman commentary that racked up a ton of views on YouTube, and up and coming director Christian Cardona also did a well received fan adaptation of DC’s Y: The Last Man Standing. 

Why Dredd needs a TV series

I hope I speak for a lot of comic fans when I say I'm excited about the upcoming Judge Dredd movie, simply titled Dredd.

Punisher fan clip is best Punisher film

Thomas Jane has created a fan film for Frank Castle - aka The Punisher - a character he once played on the big screen.

Punisher adaptation coming to Fox

Marvel is now working with Fox on a television adaptation of The Punisher, one of its most iconic characters.

Video: U.S. Army shows "The Punisher" in action

The U.S. Army has declassified a video showing the futuristic XM-25 - aka "The Punisher - in all its 25mm fragmentation round glory.