The high-wire of Nightwing #2

Nightwing was one of DC’s New 52 which I decided to reserve judgment on after the #1, since it seemed overly introductory, and hadn’t really gone anywhere interesting yet, but looked like it was ready to.

The danger of Catwoman #2

Catwoman has been the target of some hate from some corners, especially feminists.

New 52 round up: The Bottom

Last month we saw an unprecedented marketing move from DC Comics. The company relaunched and renumbered all of its superhero lines at once, revamping and reconfiguring almost every title.

New 52 round up: The Top

Last month we saw an unprecedented marketing move from DC Comics. They relaunched and renumbered all of their superhero lines at once, revamping and reconfiguring almost every title.

On ComiXology and the New 52

David Steinberger answers some of our questions about the New 52, comiXology, and pricing policies.

The scars and rings of All-Star Western #1

All-Star Western is one of DC’s New 52. The idea is for each arc to tell a different story in the old-west past of the DC universe, mostly featuring the famous Western antihero, Jonah Hex.

The enemies of Aquaman #1

Aquaman is part of DC’s New 52 relaunch, and it seems like they felt safe reengineering the character a bit more than the others.

The falling stories of Superman #1

Superman might be the most popular and well-recognized superhero of any publisher - not just DC.

The discipline of Supergirl #1

Supergirl is one of DC’s New 52 relaunches. It’s a full reboot of the Supergirl story, starting with the origin story, which is the first arc being presented.

The gods of Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman is part of the DC New 52 relaunch, and after being disappointed by the lack of #1ness in Green Lantern and Batman, this one is actually looking quite good.

The fatalities of Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin has been relaunched as part of DC’s New 52, and it certainly takes Batman to an interesting place.

The sins of Green Lantern #1

Green Lantern is one of DC’s New 52 relaunch titles. Last week, we got a fresh #1, but it doesn’t really feel #1-ish to me.

The transformation of Demon Knights #1

Demon Knights is one of the relaunched titles in DC’s New 52 event, and so far, is one of the few which, while it does take place in the DC universe, it’s not tied to the events of the releases so far.

The history lessons of Stormwatch #1

With the New 52 relaunch, DC has decided to move its Stormwatch line into the already crowded DC universe along with the rest of its books.

New 52 Sales continue to skyrocket

DC has released yet more numbers regarding its sales figures for the New 52 relaunch.

The cape of Action Comics #1

Action comics #1 is as good an introduction to our new Superman as Detective Comics #1 is to our new Batman.

The faces of Detective Comics #1

Detective Comics is where the conflict between Batman and Joker began - so it’s only appropriate that the first arc in the new Detective Comics line is a Batman and Joker story.

DC Comics bungles digital pricing for New 52

DC’s senior VP of Digital apparently cares more about on-ground retailers than readers.

DC relaunch is working, but for how long?

The New 52’s #1s will be the best-selling comics this year - by a large margin.

Theatrical trailer for DC’s New 52 revealed

Starting this weekend, some of us will be seeing this trailer for DC’s relaunch in theaters and on television.