Will There Be Another Matrix Trilogy?

The Matrix was an incredible new vision when it dropped in theaters in 1999. Two lackluster follow-ups came after, and the Wachiowskis never regained their footing. Should they go back to the Matrix?

Do the Wachiowskis Have One More Chance With Jupiter Ascending?

Check out the fantabulous trailer for their 2014 tentpole, but it wasn’t that long ago that the Wachiowskis came on like a house on fire…or was it? Jeez, next year it’s going to be fifteen years since The Matrix reinvented the sci-fi blockbuster, and they were never able to follow it up with anything decent since. 

The Matrix secures its place in film history

The summer of 1999 was a remarkable time for genre films. Everybody was waiting with bated breath for the next Star Wars film, Episode One, but it was another sci-fi epic that really made greater impact: The Matrix.

Michael Bay and Hugo Weaving go to war

Another day, another Michael Bay internet brawl. Bay of course is the director of the current Transformers franchise, and he’s also famous for his less than diplomatic ways.

Hugo Weaving talks Cloud Atlas

It's hard to look at Hugo Weaving and not think of his most famous role: Agent Smith in The Matrix.

Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas touches down in December

You probably remember when The Matrix stole Episode One’s thunder in the summer of 1999.

Can the Wachowskis do it again?

The summer of 1999 was quite a time for genre fans. George Lucas had finally returned with Star Wars Episode One, which sadly left a lot of people very disappointed. 

Matrix 3D rumors were a hoax

Earlier this week, 3D movie fans were all a flutter when it was reported that Keanu Reeves mentioned two new Matrix sequels were being filmed in 3D while talking to students at the London International School of Performing Arts. Now, that school as well as representatives for Reeves are saying it was completely made up.