Can Video Games Be Emotionally Moving?

Video games are fun, that’s why so many of us play them. And in recent years, they’ve have displayed way more depth than they used to, with better writing, music, and story development. But can video games be emotionally moving? 

The Last of Us is a Big Hit With Gamers

Sine the world was supposed to end last year, we’ve been in love with Armageddon. Actually, we’ve loved it long before then, but these days it seems the public can’t get enough of the world coming to an end, and how the survivors try to make their way through what’s left.

5 games to look forward to in 2013

2013 is looking like it’s going to be the year of the sequels in video games.

'Last of Us' wants to set new gaming standard

One of the most anticipated games heading to the PS3 will be more than just a game, according to the publisher's lofty promotional speak.