Avatar's future frame rate

The controversy over The Hobbit's high frame hasn’t died down, but we’ll know soon enough if real paying audiences will accept it or not.

Video: The music of Middle Earth

New Line Cinema has released a pair of fresh clips teasing Peter Jackson's upcoming fantasy adaptation of The Hobbit.

On the eve of 48 frames a second

The controversy over 48 frames a second is not dying down.

Parodying The Hobbit

Although we geeks take our genre favorites very seriously, we also have a sense of humor, and can indeed take a joke, even about The Hobbit or LOTR.

Hobbit featurette outlines the journey

New Line Cinema has posted a lengthy featurette depicting the world behind The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Addressing The Hobbit controversies

The Hobbit’s a little over a week from being released, and it’s come under a lot of tough scrutiny lately.

First reviews are in for The Hobbit

There’s been a lot riding on The Hobbit, and a lot of controversy around it as of late.

Is new Hobbit movie tech making audiences ill?

While it’s great fun to watch a movie in 3D, there’s always the risk of eyestrain and headaches if it’s not set up right.

Hobbit clip firebombs the village with Smaug

New Line has posted a television spot for the first film in Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit trilogy.

Genre visual effects at the Oscars

Ever heard the old saying about genre films? They don’t win Academy Awards for Best Picture, but usually sweep the technical awards.

Jackson's Hobbit goes FTW

The Hobbit just had its world premiere on November 28 in New Zealand, and as we saw in the latest Peter Jackson production diary, it was quite a mad dash rush to complete th efilm, but he indeed made the finish line right on time.

The Hobbit heralds a new age of 48 FPS

"When you have something new, you want to make sure it works. This is unique, it’s different and we’ll have to see how people adjust to it."

Video: Finishing The Hobbit

When making a major blockbuster, wrapping everything up can go down to the wire.

Is there trouble in The Shire?

It’s certainly been a tough week for Middle Earth. 

A closer look at Man of Steel

While Batman has already been successfully rebooted, Superman still has a ways to go, hence Man of Steel, which hits theaters on June 14, 2013.

Video: The Hobbit uber-trailer

It's not an official promotional video, although the clip is an impressive one nonetheless.  

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey clip sheaths the sword

New Line and Warner Bros. have posted a television spot and an international trailer for the first film in Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit trilogy.

Hobbit advance ticket sales #1 on the charts

Quite a number of movies have offered advance tickets for sale lately, sometimes several months in advance, and with certain films, there were reports of sell outs well before the release date.

The epic storytelling of The Hobbit

Advance tickets for The Hobbit go on sale November 7.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey spots can't be cooked

New Line and Warner Bros. have posted a pair of television spots for the first film in Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit trilogy.