Confirmed: The Hobbit will be a trilogy

Veteran genre director Peter Jackson has officially confirmed that The Hobbit is being re-cut as a trilogy rather than the originally planned dilogy.

Back to Middle-Earth with Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson has posted a production video blog about the upcoming Hobbit films: An Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again.

More dwarves from The Hobbit revealed

About a week ago, we showed you a first look at a few of the dwarves from the upcomming film adaptation of The Hobbit. Since then four more groups of dwarves have been revealed - totaling twelve dwarves. First, John Callen and Peter Hamblin as Oin and Gloin:

Hobbit Dwarf details revealed

The Hobbit Facebook page just posted a rendering of three Dwarven characters from the upcoming dilogy.

Hobbit films get titles, dates

New Line has announced the release dates for the two films which will comprise the new adaptation of Tolkien’s The Hobbit.