Benedict Cumberbatch Gets His Smaug On

One would think it would be hard to play a dragon. Whether you’re in a costume, or doing it via motion capture, it’s gotta be hard not to feel completely silly. Still, Benedict Cumberbatch did a very good job in The Desolation of Smaug, especially considering he was a talking dragon as well. 

Is Higher Frame Rates in Gaming Better?

Here on TGD, we’ve reported a lot on the high frame rate controversy with The Hobbit. While a lot of filmmakers have been claiming it’s the way of the future, a lot of people feel it makes a movie look too hi-def and unrealistic, and it makes the 3D even more headache inducing. But what about high frame rates for gaming? 

Smaug: Behind the Dragon

As the year finally comes to a close, Peter Jackson once again owns December with the success of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And it’s been a great year for Benedict Cumberbatch too, especially considering he’s not only played Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, but he’s also brought Smaug to life with the help of motion capture.

Is High Frame Rate Getting Any Better?

When the first installment of The Hobbit debuted last year, Peter Jackson used a new technology, 48 frames per second, which many hailed as a great new innovation. But the technology didn’t fly with the public, who complained of headaches after watching The Hobbit in that format. 

Can You Afford to Live in Middle Earth?

When James Cameron recently bought some land in New Zealand, many joked he really wants to live in Pandora, the fictional planet in Avatar. At the same time, New Zealand was the backlot for Peter Jackson to create Middle Earth, and now a website has run a very funny, and wholly fictional, listing for Erebor.

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug: First Reviews Are In

We knew that with the premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug last week that the first official reviews were just around the corner. Well, they’re now officially in, and the verdict is...

The Hobbit Goes Long, Again

There was quite a bit of controversy when it was announced that The Hobbit would be cut into three films. The book isn’t that long, and you could probably tell the story in one big movie. Some felt Peter Jackson was being greedy by stretching the movie out to three installments, and some critics felt the first installment was too long as it was.

Hollywood, and Audiences, Still Not Embracing 48 Frames Per Second

So many times in Hollywood, some new technology is being hailed as the salvation of the business. First it was the return of 3D. Imax has been doing incredible business these days, especially with success of Gravity. But one technology that apparently isn’t sticking is 48 frames per second.

No More Big Movies For Peter Jackson?

The next installment of The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug, is coming on December 13, and the third and final Hobbit installment will be released in 2014. What could possibly be next for Peter Jackson? A ten-movie adaptation of War and Peace? 

The Hobbit Cost How Much?

We all know movies have gotten progressively more expensive over the years, but rumors always abound as to what movies really cost, as opposed to what you read in the news. Very few people have access to a movie’s actual budget, and what gets reported in the  press is usually speculation. But for The Hobbit movies, the actual budgets have been released, and it’s a pretty staggering amount, even for three movies.   

Awesome new The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer

The new full-length trailer is out and it has new footage. Can't wait for this to be out.

No Doctor Who For Peter Jackson

It was reported some time ago that Peter Jackson facetiously offered to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Jackson, an A-list filmmaker who can command tens of millions of dollars to direct a feature, claimed all he wanted to helm a Doctor Who episode was a Tardis, which is a hell of a bargain if you ask us.

Does the FX industry need to reinvent itself?

Things are tough all over, but you know things are really rough when the FX business hits financial hard times.

Peter Jackson wants to direct Doctor Who

Doctor Who is fifty? Has it really been that long? Although Doctor Who’s been around forever, it’s still insane to believe the show has finally hit the big 5-0.

The Hobbit Outgrosses Two Lord of the Rings films

So The Hobbit didn’t get the greatest reviews, with many critics finding it somewhat drawn out.

Texas Chainsaw 3D proves that horror still rules

The horror genre’s been through a number of ups and downs throughout the years, and while it hasn’t always been popular, it’s thankfully never disappeared completely.

Can't stop The Hobbit

No matter how big a movie is, there always comes a drop off point because you can’t stay on top forever.

Genre still rules at the box office

It probably isn't a major surprise for genre fans, but when it came to making big bucks at the box office, superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy ruled 2012.

Peter Jackson's Hobbit triumphs at the box office

Despite mediocre reviews and controversies over its 48 frames per second tech, Tolkien fans were out in force this weekend for the opening of The Hobbit.

Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey grabs the ring

If you were expecting The Hobbit to be anything close to a pure interpretation of the novel, you will be disappointed, as even the scenes which are not derived from the appendices are rich with prequels.