New genre television shows holding steady so far

Is a golden age of sci-fi upon us?

No, The Event isn't coming back

No, The Event isn't coming back. Yes, rumors are swirling through the Internet ether about SyFy possibly picking up the show, but the channel has denied such reports.

On the end of The Event

Since The Event was not renewed for a second season, the season finale from last night was the final episode.

This fall’s genre pilots and renewals

All four of the major networks have checked in and announced their fall line-ups.

The poisons and countdowns of The Event

We now have confirmation that The Event will not be back. Ironically, it was just getting interesting.

On the planes and lungs of The Event

The Event has gotten a little more interesting.

The Event might not be back, no one seems to mind.

Rumors abound that NBC’s The Event will not be back for another season. However, I don’t hear a thousand voices crying out at its loss.

The Event's geek hero

The NBC Sci-fi series, "The Event" is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying keeping up with it, and looking forward to its return at the end of the month. 

When I look back at the episodes we have so far, however, there is a glaring issue which rankles me.

Does modern television sci-fi need so many mysteries?

It has become a strong trend over the last few years for American science-fiction television to feature very strong hidden elements.