Dark Knight Rises trailer teases Batman and Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated films of the summer, both for hardcore genre fans and average moviegoers.

Yes, Dark Knight Rises is the end

It's an old saying, never say never, but Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale want everyone to know this is the end for their era of Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises TV spots fight in the light

Warner Bros. has released a trio of TV spots for the conclusion of the Batman trilogy.

The Dark Knight-Star Trek guessing game

Hollywood can be quite fanatic about trying to hide the secrets of big, upcoming blockbusters.

Dark Knight Rises trailer has given everything

Warner Bros. has released a long-form trailer for its upcoming super hero action film The Dark Knight Rises.

Total Recall a hit at Cinemacon

The CinemaCon convention kicked off this past week in Las Vegas, with the major studios coming out in full force and pushing their upcoming movies.

Final Nolan Batman film novelization announced

Titan Books has announced that it will be publishing an adaptation of Warner Bros. upcoming Batman trilogy conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises.

Marvel movie marathon already sold out

I love the fact that movie marathons are coming back, especially since I thought they were done in the age of the multi-plex

The Hunger Games conquers all

As expected, The Hunger Games had an enormous three day weekend, pulling in a cool $152 million. 

The Dark Knight Rises is complete

How cool would it be to be one of the few people on earth to have seen The Dark Knight Rises last week?

Dark Knight Rises is the end of an era

The Dark Knight Rises, which just wrapped and hits theaters on July 20, 2012, is truly the end of an era. 

What's next for Christian Bale after Batman?

Sure, we'd all love the current incarnation of Batman to last forever, especially with the winning combination of Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan. 

Anne Hathaway talks Catwoman

Instead of keeping everything top secret on The Dark Knight Rises - which is only eleven months away from release - Warner Bros. has been "leaking" pics of Batman fighting Bain, along with an image of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

A closer look at the Dark Knight Rises teaser

For months we had been beleaguered by numerous versions of The Dark Knight Rises teasers and trailers, all of them fake until this weekend.

Dark Knight Rises "viral" campaign is dumb and dumber

The attempted 'viral' marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises is really, really bad.

Re-Rebooting Batman

Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced that after Dark Knight Rises, the Batman story will rebooted one more time to fit in which their plans for the DC movie universe.

Dark Knight Rises tertiary villain, actor confirmed

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed as a cast member for the upcoming Batman trilogy cap, “The Dark Knight Rises”. His role has also been announced, and surprisingly, it’s not one of Batman’s classic villains.