The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel Sales Soar

When Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel was released, it was a revelation to superhero fans. I can still recall when it came out back in the eighties and it was the hottest thing since sliced bread for comic freaks everywhere. I also felt this was the beginning of the darker Batman we eventually saw in the first Tim Burton film, and of course the Christopher Nolan films that followed. 

Review: The promises of The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is based on the Frank Miller graphic novel by the same name (actually four books, starting with The Dark Knight Returns), which is set in the same version of Gotham as Frank Miller's Batman: Year One.

Dark Knight Returns clip rushes the bat

Warner Bros. has released a clip teasing the upcoming conclusion to its animated Batman adventure.

The Avengers are #1 once again

The Avengers have clinched the #1 Blu-ray/DVD spot. Of course you didn't have to be Nostradamus to predict the home video release was going to be huge, but the numbers are impressive nonetheless.

Video: Dark Knight Returns is the law

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have released a clip for their upcoming animated Batman film.