Is This the End of Albums As We Knew Them?

We’ve been hearing about the end of the album for some time now. A lot of artists have been saying they don’t see the point in doing albums, and in today’s day and age it probably makes more sense to put out a song at a time, which is a shame, because there were artists that really made albums an art.

Painting a complex portrait of Steve Jobs

Writing about Steve Jobs would be a dream gig for any A-list screenwriter, right?

These holograms are ready to rock

You knew a list like this was going to pop up not long after the Tupac hologram appeared at Coachella.

The Beatles on iTunes? "Don't hold your breath," says Yoko

Widow, philanthropist, and crazy person Yoko Ono continue to think that iTunes is some of devil box, as she says there's no way The Beatles will be available on iTunes any time soon.