New footage from The Hobbit ready to screen

The most anticipated genre movie right now is probably The Avengers, which will undoubtedly be a huge success when it hits theaters on May 4.

'The Avengers' to spawn video game franchise

Put an entire team of class-A superheroes together, and you get more than just a video game.

The Avengers is officially a winner

The Avengers is currently the most anticipated movie of the year, perhaps even more so than The Hunger Games, Prometheus or Dark Knight Rising.

The Avengers superhero rally

Back in the 40's there were "monster rally" movies, where all the classic Universal monsters were brought together in one film.

The Avengers are coming on strong

Joss Whedon's really on a roll these days, with Cabin in the Woods coming this weekend, which as a horror fan, I enjoyed enormously.

Avengers videos count the front lines

Marvel has released a bevy of new videos promoting its upcoming super hero ensemble film The Avengers.

Get ready for a summer of sci-fi

If you’re a genre fan, you don’t just look forward to the summer for the warmer weather, you also look forward to spending hot days in an air conditioned movie theater, checking out the latest blockbusters.

Captain America sequel gets release date, synopsis

Marvel had previously confirmed that a second Captain America film would grace the Marvel Film Universe, the only question was when. Now we know: April 4th, 2014.

Marvel movie marathon already sold out

I love the fact that movie marathons are coming back, especially since I thought they were done in the age of the multi-plex

LEGO teams up with Marvel for Avengers

LEGO will soon be launching a number of sets and minifigures based on the Marvel Film Universe. This means adventure games are likely not far behind - if Lego's pattern with other franchises repeats itself.

The Avengers clip breaks the chair

Marvel has released the first clip from its upcoming super hero ensemble film, The Avengers.

Joss Whedon on Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers

Like many, I'm looking forward to checking out Cabin in the Woods, the Joss Whedon horror film that's taken two years to come out because the original studio, MGM, went bankrupt.

Avengers featurette builds the team

Marvel has released an origin-oriented featurette that depicts how the upcoming Avengers film became a reality.

The Avengers are almost here

It won't hit theaters before The Hunger Games, but on May 4 The Avengers will satisfy our hunger for superheroes quicker than The Dark Knight Rises, which arrives on July 20. 

Marvel film universe marathon opens The Avengers

AMC Theaters and Marvel Studios have teamed up to bring Marvel film fans an epic film event.

This Avengers trailer is viral

Marvel's latest Avengers trailer managed to rack up over 13.7 million views during the first 24 hours of its debut.

A closer look at LEGO The Avengers

The Lord of the Rings isn’t the only property getting new LEGO sets this year.

The Force is strong with Lego Star Wars & The Avengers 

Lucas Licensing is extendeding its lucrative Star Wars deal with The Lego Group for another 10 years.

Can The Amazing Spider-Man pull it off?

This is going to be a very tense couple of months for film geeks, because it still remains to be seen if the new Dark Knight and the reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man will deliver. 

Super Bowl trailer for The Avengers crash lands

A new full-length trailer for the upcoming super hero film The Avengers hit television screens this Sunday during the national football championship game.