Claim: Texting may be good for your health

New University of Michigan research says that a simple tool right in your back pocket may help decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes: Text messages on your phone.

Claim: People who lie while texting take longer to respond

Ever been trading a flurry of text messages when there's an awkward pause? Well, new research shows you probably should be suspicious.

Txt msgs r 20 yrs old today

The first text message was sent 20 years ago today, and texting is now more popular than talking, according to British telecoms regulator Ofcom.

Texting ups truthfulness, iPhone study finds

If you want someone to tell you the truth, get them to text you rather than speaking face-to-face. Surprisingly, researchers have found it's a much better way of getting people to communicate candidly.

Teens now text 60 times a day

The average teenager is now almost twice as likely to message on social networks as to socialise face to face, and is sending or receiving 60 texts a day.

Eyes-free texting could aid visially impaired

Braille could become the new craze at school, thanks to a new app that lets people text without looking - leaving teachers in the dark about messages flying around the class.

Is texting dumbing us down?

Texting. Everyone does it, some of us compulsively. But there is apparently a price to pay for all that furious tapping - as new research indicates the practice may affect our ability to interpret and accept new words.

Tighter restrictions proposed on in-car gadgets

Carmakers should disable built-in electronic devices while the vehicle's in motion, under new proposals from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

People lie more in texts

Be suspicious when your partner texts to say she's working late at the office: people are more likely to lie in a text than in any other form of communication, researchers say.

Online chat boosts lying, say researchers

People are more likely to lie when communicating electronically, and email generates more fibs than instant messaging.

Texting doubles drivers' reaction time

Texting while driving affects a driver's reaction time far more than thought - more than doubling it, says a Texas Transportation Institute research team.

Hands-free calls could be just as dangerous on the roads

You don't need to be fumbling over a text to be a dangerous driver - hands-free voice calls can be just as dangerous, a driving safety organization has warned.

Distracted driving laws in disarray, says researcher

The current lack of consensus about distracted driving in the US has one advantage, say scientists at Temple University - it means it'll be easier to work out which laws make sense and which don't.

Dialing some phone numbers affects emotional state

Dial '5683' on your phone: how does it make you feel?

Court clears warrantless cellphone searches

California's Supreme Court has ruled that the police don't need a warrant to read text messages held on a suspect's phone.

Text messaging set to rocket next year

More than seven trillion SMS messages will be sent next year, according to ABI Research.

Late night texting can make teens even moodier

Did you know that late night texting can make teenagers even moodier than they already are?

Distracted driving deaths fall - but teens still text at the wheel

Teens are failing to get the text-driving message, according to a survey carried out for insurance company State Farm.

Lobbyists scrap plans to defend cellphone use in cars

A tech industry lobbying group has abandoned its efforts to keep gadget use in cars legal after criticism from transportation secretary Ray LaHood.

Adults worse than teens for phoning while driving

It seems teens are more responsible than adults when it comes to driver distraction: they're less likely to have used a cellphone at the wheel.