Cypher is a retro cyberpunk text adventure

Of all the classic video games you could bring back, one genre that wouldn't even make the bottom of my preferred list are the old text-based games from the 80s.

iOS flaw allows SMS spoofing

A well-known hacker claims to have found a significant security flaw in iOS, allowing SMS messages to be spoofed.

Sheep to text for help during wolf attacks

Swiss scientists are working on a system designed to let sheep alert shepherds of marauding wolves by SMS.

New Mayan 2012 text is 'political, not prophetic'

New evidence has been found that the Mayan calendar ended on 21 December this year - but gives no indication that the Maya expected the world to end then too.

Hackers unlock car via text

Two security researchers from iSec Partners have shown at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas they can unlock a Subaru Outback and actually start the engine - all remotely.

Software weeds out fake online reviews

Many online reviews appear too good to be true - and they are. Earlier this year, for example, the Federal Trade Commission fined a music tuition company $250,000 for posting fake reviews of its own products.

Garter texts jealous boyfriends to warn of infidelity

Well, isn't this the most romantic thing you've ever heard? A UK husband and wife team is marketing a garter that alerts a woman's partner if she's in danger of being unfaithful.

E Ink debuts next-gen eReader display

E Ink has debuted a next-gen display for eReaders that offers a 50% improved contrast ratio, along with crisper images and text for outdoor reading. 

Microsoft details IE9 specs

Microsoft has debuted its long-awaited Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Platform Preview.