Video: Texas Instruments debuts $329 OMAP5432 EVM dev board

Texas Instruments (TI) recently launched a $329 OMAP5432 EVM dev board based on ARM's Cortex-A15 architecture.

AMD lags behind Samsung, Qualcomm

AMD has fallen behind rivals Qualcomm and Samsung on IC Insights' list of microprocessor vendors.

Chip revenues falter

Worldwide semiconductor revenue declined in 2012, figures from Gartner have shown.

This circuit pulls energy from thin air

Most of us are familiar with Texas Instruments (TI) as the company that made the graphing calculator we used in school.

TI's Jacinto 5 SoC powers Audi MIB infotainment system

Automotive manufacturers are constantly working to improve the infotainment systems inside their respective vehicles. 

TI says Cortex-A15 OMAP is sampling

Texas Instruments (TI) has confirmed that its fifth-generation OMAP chip based on ARM's Cortex-A15 cores is sampling today and remains on track to power mobile device by early 2013.

Texas Instruments shifts away from mobile

Texas Instruments (TI) is apparently in the process of shifting its chip focus from smartphones to a "broader" market - such as the automotive space - as it seeks a more profitable and stable business. 

TI’s OMAP 5 is a screaming fast mobile chip

Texas Instruments (TI) has released a video showcasing the impressive processing capabilities and speed of its upcoming OMAP 5 processor.

Rumor: Intel eyes TI's OMAP & ARM architecture

An analyst at Forward Concepts believes Intel may be one of several companies interested in purchasing TI's OMAP division.

Qualcomm gets serious about gesture recognition

Qualcomm is bolstering its gesture recognition arsenal with the acquisition of relevant patents and other "assets" from GestureTek. 

Desktops? Where we're going, we don't need desktops!

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a next-gen, 28 nanometer OMAP 5 mobile processor that could help redefine the current smartphone and tablet paradigm.

TI ARM SoC hits 1.5GHz per core

Texas Instruments (TI) is firing up an ARM-based, dual-core processor that clocks in at a blazing 1.5GHz - per core.

Intel to expand set-top box business

Intel has confirmed that it will be expanding its set-top box business by acquiring Texas Instruments' cable modem lineup.

Texas Instruments preps next-gen ARM processor

Texas Instruments (TI) is prepping a next-gen, Cortex-A processor core for mobile devices. The chip - which has been dubbed "Eagle" - is expected to be be deployed in TI's future OMAP lineup.