Texas moves forward wind power

Wind power generation in Texas continued its steady upward march in 2013, and it’s now on the doorstop of 10 percent of the state’s electricity supply.

Is natural gas a water saver in Texas?

Natural gas might be eating coal’s lunch, but natural gas always has a friend in coal. Coal forever makes gas – even when obtained by fracking – look good.

Texas eyes big solar

One-tenth of the way – that’s about how far along OCI Solar Power is in constructing a planned 400-megawatt photovoltaic power generating plant in San Antonio. Still, even with just the 41-MW first phase completed, the company has now constructed the largest PV plant in Texas.

Microsoft eyes Texas wind power

How important can it be when giant companies that consume vast amounts of energy commit to buying renewables?

Woman tries to sell son on Craigslist

A 29-year-old single mom from Texas was arrested after it emerged that she tried to give away (or sell) her son on Craigslist. 

Firearm license granted to 3D gun maker

Defense Distributed, the world's first maker of 3D-printed guns, has managed to obtain a federal license to manufacture and market firearms in the US.

Google invests $200M in Texas wind farm

Google might have its critics on the privacy and antitrust fronts, but it would be hard to fault the company when it comes to promoting a clean energy future.

'Mark of the beast' student loses RFID lawsuit

A Texas student has failed in her bid to ban RFID tags from her school on the grounds that they're the 'mark of the beast'.

Prepare for more extreme weather, say scientists

Climate change is set to trigger more extreme weather events around the world, an international team of scientists claims.

Google accused of withholding evidence

The Texas attorney general is accusing Google of unreasonably withholding thousands of documents in an anti-trust investigation into its search policies.

Eolas fails to patent the web

Well, it was always a rather ambitious patent claim, and Eolas's attempt to, in essence, patent the interactive web has failed.

Long Islanders, Texans spend most on gaming

An intriguing new study looked at where the most per capita video game spending took place, and ended up with some surprising results.

Texas cops red-faced as AntiSec leaks docs

Texas law enforcement officials were left red-faced after Anonymous hackers associated with the AntiSec movement published "boatloads" of classified police documents extracted during a series of digital raids.

Austin, TX to become NFC test city

Want to be among the first in the country to pay for your groceries with your cell phone?

Ten thousand-year clock takes shape in Texan cave

It's a grand gesture on the scale of Ozymandias - although somewhat less egotistical - a clock designed to keep time for ten thousand years.

Team improves supercapacitor performance for better energy storage

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have created a greatly enhanced supercapacitor, improving energy storage in everything from energy grids and electric cars to consumer electronics.

Scientists give computer schizophrenia

Researchers at Yale and the University of Texas say they've made a computer schizophrenic - causing it to claim responsibility for a terrorist incident.

State of Texas in epic data leak fail

The Texas state comptroller has confirmed a massive data leak that inadvertently exposed the social security numbers, names, addresses and birth dates of 3.5 million people.

Texas or bust: I'm headed to SXSW

A tech tradeshow is usually just a tradeshow; that is unless you’re headed to SXSW.

Gay couple marries via Skype

A gay couple has made legal history by getting married via Skype - neatly circumventing Texas' ban on same-sex marriages.