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Physicist wants to put Einstein's equation to the test

Does E always equal mc²? University of Arizona physicist Andrei Lebed suspects not - and plans to try and check.

DoE builds huge Android network to test security

The Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories has simulated 300,000 Android cellphones in order to study ways of making cellular networks more reliable and secure.

Mars rover carries out arm exercises

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is taking a break from driving to prepare for full use of the tools on its arm.

FCC to test carriers' mobile broadband performance

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it plans to start evaluating mobile broadband speeds in order to let customers know whether they're getting value for money.

Mach 6 aircraft lost seconds after takeoff

The Air Force has suffered another setback to its attempts to build a plane that could reach anywhere in the world within an hour.

Inflatable heat shield passes NASA test

NASA's successfully tested a revolutionary inflatable heat shield, taking it safely through Earth's atmosphere at up to 7,600 mph.

Virgin Galactic gets FAA permit for rocket-powered flights

Passenger spaceflight is a step closer to reality, following FAA approval for a powered test flight from Virgin Galactic later this year.

Video: NASA’s J-2X Powerpack test lights up night sky

NASA engineers have conducted an initial test of the J-2X engine powerpack at the Stennis Space Center.

'Artificial volcano' to be built in Norfolk field

A team of British scientists is to build what amounts to an artificial volcano, pumping sulphate particles into the atmosphere.

Team looks for evidence of multiple universes

British scientists are looking for signs that we live in a multiverse - with multiple alternative universes existing in their own individual bubbles.

SpaceShipTwo demonstrates 'feathered' reentry

The world’s first commercial spaceship, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, has completed an important test of its reentry ability.

DNA can show hair colour of criminals

Forensic investigators will now be able to tell the hair color of an unknown perpetrator from DNA traces.

Team prototypes instant genome test

Scientists from Imperial College London have prototyped a tool that they say could ultimately sequence a person’s genome in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of current techniques.

New test delivers biopsy results in minutes

Patients may no longer have to wait days for biopsy results, thanks to a new tissue-imaging technique that gives results in a matter of minutes.

NASA rocket undergoes successful test

NASA has successfully completed a two-minute, full-scale test of its DM-2 rocket motor - despite not knowing for sure whether it will ever actually be going anywhere.

Professor develops simple cancer test

A University of Missouri professor has developed a device that could test for some cancers as easily as a pregnancy test.