Nvidia showcases new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs

Nvidia is showcasing two new Kepler-powered Tesla GPUs at its annual GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California.

Tesla Model S could land 265-mile EPA driving range

The driving range of an electric vehicle is perhaps one of the most important factors in determining which EV a consumer will ultimately buy.

Claim: Tesla Model S offers 320 miles on a single charge

The Tesla Model S electric vehicle first broke cover last year at a base price of $49,900, with a driving range tipped at 160-300 miles.

Toyota showcases RAV4 EV with Tesla powertrain

Toyota has finally pulled the wraps off its new RAV4 EV, a relatively small SUV equipped with a Tesla designed powertrain.

Is Tesla bricking controversy really a big deal?

Tesla Motors is said to be working furiously behind the scenes to stem the tide of what's either a potentially devastating issue with their battery systems, or simply some very angry people.

The bricks of Tesla's battery packs

There are currently many factors working against electric vehicles that effectively prevent them from going mainstream.

Tesla racks up $40 million in Model X reservations

Last week Tesla unveiled its third all-electric vehicle. Dubbed Model X, the coolest part of the SUV's design, at least in my opinion, is the slick gull-wing doors on the rear of the vehicle.

Tesla showcases Model X SUV

Tesla certainly makes some of the coolest electric vehicles out there on the roads today.

Tesla revs up the Model S hype machine

Outside of the Toyota Prius or the Chevy Volt, Tesla is the best known name in the ever-growing world of alternative fuel vehicles. 

Finally! An electric sports car under $375,000

The German-based PG has teamed up with designer Michael Fröhlich to present the PG-Elektrus, a mean-looking, black matte two-seater with enough carbon fiber and composite to construct a stealth fighter.

Cray plans massive supercomputer upgrade

Cray has clinched a lucrative deal to upgrade the XT5 supercomputer - aka "Jaguar" - located at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Tesla shifts Russian supercomputer into overdrive

Moscow State University is upgrading its already formidable Lomonosov supercomputer with additional Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

Tianhe-1A supercomputer hits 1.87 petaflops

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have announced a record-breaking simulation on the Tianhe-1A GPU supercomputer.

Cray launches hybrid supercomputing system

Cray has introduced a hybrid supercomputing system that features key components from both AMD and Nvidia.

Tesla sues Top Gear over Roadster 'lies'

Tesla is suing the BBC over a Top Gear program two years ago that it says falsely maligned its Roadster electric car.

Nvidia Tesla GPUs power Cray blades

Cray is currently developing blades based on Nvidia's Tesla 20-Series GPUs for its advanced XE6 lineup.

Will Nvidia find its mobile future in the Cloud?

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang envisions a Tegra-based mobile future driven by high-performance, GPU-powered Cloud computing.

Tesla GPUs accelerate engineering sims

Nvidia GPU Conference 2010 - Ansys has designed a souped-up, Tesla-based HPC platform that significantly reduces engineering simulation processing time.

Nvidia Tesla drives IBM iDataPlex servers

IBM has selected Nvidia's Tesla 20-series GPU to power a new line of HPC iDataPlex servers.

MIT improves wireless power delivery system

MIT researchers have discovered that a wireless electricity delivery technique they invented three years ago works better when it's used to charge multiple devices at the same time.