Smart Electric may now be a smarter choice than a Telsa S

I use the word “may” advisedly, because like any answer to a problem it depends a great deal on what you want to do with the cars. But at an estimated $139 a month lease, the Smart Electric is far cheaper than the Tesla S to own, easier to park (critical to a commuter car). Plus, you can better afford another car to drive distance, also critical if you own any electric.  

Consumer Reports hearts the Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors is riding a bit of a high mark on a wave lately, recently having very favorable first quarter financial results.

Tesla Model S clinches World Green Car award

The World Car Awards started in 2004. Candidates for the four categories – Design, Performance, Green, and the overall World Car – are selected by some of the most well-known and respected journalists covering the automotive industry.

Tesla Model S could land 265-mile EPA driving range

The driving range of an electric vehicle is perhaps one of the most important factors in determining which EV a consumer will ultimately buy.

Tesla Model S weighs in at a cool 50K

Way back in 2009, when the Tesla S electric sedan was a concept living only on sketches and engineering notes, the company promised the car would retail for $49,900 following federal tax credits.